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Ash Black Limited Edition

Finally we can present a new model of our two great collections. Ash Black is already here, hot and scorching. A classic and discreet model, designed for those who watch for elegance and distinction. This Limited Edition will highlight your exclusivity, since a few will be able to enjoy its hot and burnished ash. Do you dare to feel them?

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Assen Eyewear, Ash Black model for Ibiza Collection

The wooden rods, pure Assen style, will help you to be more comfortable. The organic materials are better suited to our body and provide comfort incomparable to plastic. Forget the sweaty and slippery rods, the Assen woods are comfort.

Ash Black brings that sense of adventure: warm coal and ash from the autumn bonfires in a campsite lost in the woods.

Those meetings around the fire and forgotten songs to the sound of a guitar. A river echoing to the side with its carrier force.

All this is the Assen Ash Black glasses. You are from Menorca or from Ibiza, Ash Black will accompany you in all your adventures.

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Menorca Collection, Ash Black model. For her & for him.

For him or for her, the unisex character, serene, simple and at the same time stylish and current, will allow you to combine it with any style or trend and integrate it perfectly in any outfit.

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