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Corporate social responsibility as a personal awareness

Báilale a la Vida was born in Barcelona in 2012 as a non-profit association, which aims to fight against the phenomenon of youth cancer.

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Dance to Life - http://www.bailalealavida.com

The association promotes and develops actions for children and adolescents with this difficult disease. It pretends to assume a part of the enormous burden that falls on the youngest, to accompany them on that hard road and to make it less exhausting.

On the other hand, it also addresses to the general public with informative activities and tries to raise awareness in society on this problem and generate common support.

From Assen Eyewear we also try to contribute with our grain of sand to this enormous cause and such a devastating problem. With this action we 'dance to life' and we join together in solidarity with the words of María. ''Báilale a la vida'', which is a personal slogan of a young woman who left us due to cancer at the age of 20, prompted the creation of the organization. To date, the group has carried out multiple projects and activities. Especially, in collaboration with the Parc Taulí University Hospital of Sabadell (Barcelona), where several rooms have been renovated thanks to the contributions of supportive people.

The Association has developed several projects to continue with the reform of the Hospital and has improved the staying conditions of children and young. So that they can receive the best medical attention in comfortable facilities. All Assen Eyewear sunglasses are collaborative and contribute to the actions of the organization. Social responsibility is very important to us. When you buy them, you cooperate with the association and dance to life. For each product Assen sold is allocated one euro for the cause, a small amount that can mean big changes.

Here is an emotional video driven by Báilale a la Vida and Parc Taulí Hospital, where the Pediatrics Plant with its small protagonists is shown.

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