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Inside Ibiza towards the pines.

Ibiza, such a magical and wonderful place. And it’s not only famous for its extravagant and colossal nightlife. This island also has a rich and diverse natural environment. It makes that everyone feels enthralled by the beauty, that it offers to the passionate human eye.

Undoubtedly, the first image that is evoked is of its beaches, something innate which any island is identified with. But the interior of the islands also offers natural spaces worth mentioning.

The present post will try to present the inner world of Ibiza: the pines. The Ibizan forest is composed, for the most part, by these aromatic trees.

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Ibiza island. Pines and sea.

If you have ever been walking through a place with this kind of flora, you will remember that charismatic and peculiar smell. A fresh and characteristic smell, which can not be confused with any other. If you have not experienced that essence, you have to go to Ibiza. The aroma will make you feel drunk, when you walk through the forests and pine trees.

Pine trees are an inherent part of the interior geography of the island, which gives it a permanent green color, covering the mountains and valleys. Whatever the season, these trees remain unchanged in their color and leafiness, allowing you to enjoy them when you go. You will not go wrong.

Green and blue are the colors the island identifies with, a perfect and harmonious combination that the nature offers us. Two colors complement each other and fill the island with life, intensity and contrast.

Assen Eyewear offers you the essence of those wonderful trees translated into our sunglasses. The Pine Wood color will invoke you the resemblance to that typical vegetation of the island. The rods of our glasses are made of natural wood. This supports the ecology and fight for the sustainability of the environment. Because we want to enjoy these green and lush walks for a long time, while defending the ecology.

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Assen Eyewear Ibiza Collection. Pine Wood.

In our next blog post we will talk about the bamboo and cork cases that come with our glasses, as well as tell you more about the wood rods. Don't miss it.

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