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Modern, recyclable and sustainable: Assen Eyewear

Who does not love to travel, discover new places, explore the nature and learn about this magnificent world and everything it offers us. We love it, but we are committed to taking care of it in order to enjoy it for a longer time. How? We’re integrating harmless materials into our catalog: bamboo and cork cases; and modeling our glasses with wooden rods.

Bamboo is considered an ecological material and its plantations are sustainable. Its growth helps to combat climate change through the absorption of CO2 and, in addition, it is a source of raw material for multiple objects in the lives of human beings, including the construction. Bamboo is a plant that grows quite quickly, which allows obtaining large quantities of wood to supply the incessant needs of people. Thus, its constant use would not threaten the plant as a species and would not put it in danger of extinction in any way.

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Bamboo forest

On the other hand, the practice of sowing, collecting and processing bamboo also enhances the local economy of regions where this plant grows, and it provides employment to many people and makes those regions transform.

Finally, the system of strong roots the bamboo plantations present avoids the erosion of the soil or its wear and tear, as when these plants are cut their roots remain unaltered. The roots penetrate deep into the earth and give it a great support, so important today in many regions of the world.

But the importance of sustainability does not end here for us. The rods of our glasses are made of wood, which makes them recyclable and biodegradable. It is a natural processing of common woods, so these woods are not protected and they don’t run any danger. The processing of the woods is done manually, ensuring a careful final mount of the sunglasses.

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Ibiza Collection, Turquoise model. Wood handmade rods.

The next Assen component is cork. The cases of the Menorca Collection are made of this recyclable and biodegradable material. It is obtained from the bark of a purely Mediterranean tree; and countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy are the largest producers of this element. The fascinating thing about this product is that the bark of the cork oak tree is regenerated every year, so the process of extracting the bark does not harm the vegetation, nor the species in particular; there is no pollution or waste because it is ecological material.

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Bark of the Cork Oak

The use of cork is widespread in the world of decoration and interior design, as well as in other spheres of human production, such as construction because it has insulating effects. The cork oak has a great importance, because it supposes the existence of a cork industry of more than 150 years in Spain. Currently, more than 20% of the world production of cork corresponds to the Iberian Peninsula, precisely, the area of ​​Extremadura and Andalusia (southern Spain). An abundant, autochthonous, natural and biodegradable material. It is ideal to be part of the Assen range and being its carrier.

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Assen Eyewear Menorca Collection, Ember Red model and its natural cork case.

When you buy Assen products you become the guardian of the planet, how easy it is to ensure the conservation of our world, right? Stroll with your stylish Pine Wood, Ember Red or Turquoise through the forests of Ibiza; Feel aligned with the Mediterranean and with all nature.

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Assen Eyewear Ibiza Collection, Pine Wood model, and its natural bamboo case.

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