• Madlen Ivanova

Sunglasses like a way of life, they talk about your attitude.

The passion for new technologies, fashion, travel and the Mediterranean climate. Four ideas that converge in a single object: the glasses. Something classic and, apparently, elementary tells us different stories.

Metallic and robotic with a polished coverage, the glasses recreate the technological era, especially the passion for drones we identify ourselves with. Designed and created by droners for droners. Here is your line that will encourage you to fly and create extraordinary footage.

The modern and stylish design allows you to wear the latest trends in fashion and accessories. The mirrored and hypnotizing lenses renew the appearance, while the electrifying colors refresh the face. They allow you to adapt them to any style, whether you are casual, urban, classic, sporty, grunge or boho, the Assen will complete your personality giving an insurmountable aspect.

But, also, its soul invites you to explore and discover unknown places, hidden places in our favorite Balearic Islands: Ibiza and Menorca. Names that receive the collections of Assen Eyewear and colors that identify the essence of these locations. Thus, any explorer who feeds from the outdoors must have some.

A national product, unique, born in the city of Barcelona to travel around the world. Do you feel the Mediterranean breeze and sun?

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