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These sunglasses fit your face's shape.

The glasses are an essential element in the constitution of our outfit. They define our style, our identity and our personality. The image that we transmit depends on them, because they are an accessory that directly modifies our face. And, we all know, that the face is our business card. Our look defines us and our expressions communicate to the outside.

Therefore, choosing suitable sunglasses is an important task and it can be difficult, taking into account the number of models offered today in the world market. In Assen Eyewear we want to facilitate this task and provide you with some simple guidelines, which will serve as a guide to you choosing your perfect glasses.

To be a perfect detail in your appearance, it is necessary to start from the idea of ​​what is the shape of your face. Depending on the shape of your face and your features, the glasses will mark the final result. We all have something to highlight and to show off, you just need to know how to take advantage of it.

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Types of faces and sunglasses

1. Square face. It is advisable to soften the facial lines and visually lengthen the face. Oval or round glasses will help you achieve this effect with this type of face. The frames of the glasses have to be preferably thin, since the thick models tend to increase the face.

2. Round face. If you have this type of face, it is preferable to look for glasses that visually lengthen your face, making it thinner. In this case you should avoid thick and disproportionate mounts, being that what they do is recharge more the face. You should bet on fine frames and rectangular shapes.

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Assen Eyewear, Menorca Collection; Ember Red model

3. Oval face. If your face is oval, congratulations! Any glasses are perfect to integrate harmoniously in your appearance with this type of face. You can experiment with any shape, color or type of mount.

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Assen Eyewear, Ibiza Collection; Pine Wood model

4. Triangular face. In this case, the lower part, that is, the chin, should be softened. It is the most prominent part and the one that acquires more prominence when it comes to looking at the face. The purpose will be to reduce that excessive importance through glasses that focus on the cheeks or the upper part of the face. Do not choose small frames or that have interest in the lower part, always glasses that open upwards.

5. Diamond Face. In this case it would be advisable to wear oval or round frames with more detail in the upper part, to visually raise the cheeks and eyes and make them protagonists of the face, as well as maintain balance.

6. Face forms Heart. In this case, it is advisable to wear square-shaped glasses, although with moderate mounts (avoiding exaggerated measures). In this way it is possible to make a compensation of shapes on the face. Maintain the balance of the square chin, as our strong point and soften the round shape at the top through square glasses.

Here we present the general groupings we could classify the faces in. Of course, there are as many faces as people in the world, but we can guide ourselves when buying glasses with this simple and reduced cataloging. Hopefully it will help you choose your future Assen.

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