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Top 10 sunglasses this summer 2018

It's time to store your jackets and sweaters and dust off your T-shirts and Bermuda shorts. If you have already started the preparations or if you still sleep with the quilt, you are in time to prepare for the new season. Spring-summer will bring new trends in glasses: an essential object to complete your summer appearance.

Here are the 10 top Sunglasses for this summer:

1. The double bridge will be the star of this year. In harmony with flat coloured lenses, which have ceased to be mainly used by athletes and have just become part of the fashion trends. A futuristic feature that gives you a particular image, urban as well as modern.

red sunglasses with double bridge on a black background
Assen Eyewear Ibiza Collection Red Ember

2. The Aviator style, a genre's classic that never goes out of style. This glasses make it one more year into the top 10 of this year's summer sunglasses.

black aviator sunglasses with a white background
Aviator Sunglasses

3. Wayfarer style glasses are another classic that will never go out of style. This summer is committed to a more modern and refreshing fusion for sunny days: frame covered with real mirror lenses of electric colours. Undoubtedly, a style that will favour everyone.

real mirror lens glasses blue green with black background and wood bamboo rods
Assen Eyewear Menorca Collection Wavy Blue

4. Inspirations and influences on trends come always from the most unexpected places. This time, Snowboard style glasses break through this summer. A very bold unisex style.

blue snowboard sunglasses with white background
Snowboard Style Sunglasses, hot for 2018 trends

5. On the other hand, the tinted glasses that subtly stain the face and look are also the new "scream". For those who like to go unnoticed, but with style.

Polaroid Sunglasses with orangebrown lenses on a white background
Polaroid Sunglasses with orangebrown lenses

6. Following the fusion style, ignoring this model is not an option. An authentic amalgam of currents. The vintage style inspired by the figure of the mythical John Lennon and with a vigorous and provocative double bridge.

blue double bridged sunglasses with white background
Blue double bridged sunglasses John Lennon style

7. The great Forgotten is back., which had been so successful half a century ago: white-framed glasses. Yes, they are fashionable again. Although, if you are nostalgic but want to be at the forefront of trends, there is also a style inspired by white pasta with a modern touch.

White framed sunglasses with black lenses on a grey background
White framed sunglasses with black lenses

8. Who would say it, but animal print is back in fashion. These representative colours of the fauna will be the favourite ones, women's, and men's during this spring-summer 2018. And you, are you a zebra or a leopard?

Animal patterned sunglasses leopard style on a white background
Animal patterned sunglasses are back in fashion!

9. This point is dedicated to the most flirtatious and naughty ones. Cat eye glasses inspired by the wonderful Marylin Monroe re-emerge this season in its most classic and faithful version.

Cat style sunglasses with black smoke lenses on a white background
Cat style sunglasses with black smoke lenses

10. Finally, the list ends with unusual glasses in their shape, irregular geometry for those who like to break with symmetry and patterns. Because, who said that glasses must have a shape?

Modern shaped sunglasses with salmon colored lenses on a white background
Modern shaped sunglasses with salmon colored lenses

Have you been attracted by any of the Sunglasses? Head over to Assen's Eyewear website and find yours. Which one do you like the most?

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