This is the new Assen Screwdriver Set.

Super small sized shafts in order to change your screws or tighten them up. 


Handy and pocket sized set (10.5cm x 6.5cm x 2cm or 4.1in x 2.5in x 0.8in)


The set includes 2 handles and 10 shafts.



About the different drive tips: 

- 3 Flat Heads

- 3 Cross Heads

- 4 Socket Hex Heads


Enjoy your new mini small Assen Screwdriver set.

Assen Screwdriver Set

9,90 €Price
  • Due to its low price, we don't send screwdriver Sets only. There is a need to purchase 1 or more sunglasses in order to include the Assen Screwdriver Set in the shipping box.

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